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    Work magnifiers

    Work magnifiers are required for delicate work, in which small objects are examined and processed. They stand on the table or are attached to the table.

    In most cases, the work magnifiers have LED lighting. The light fully illuminates the processed object, thereby reducing the need for magnification. Both hands are usually required for working. Therefore, the work magnifiers are usually stand magnifiers or magnifying lamps that have a fixed base or are firmly mounted on the table.

    Magnifying lamps have a flexible lamp arm for fine adjustment so that the magnifying glass can be positioned as perfectly as possible over the object. This ensures perfect working conditions in every situation.

    Work magnifiers from SCHWEIZER Optik

    The work stand magnifier 312/65 aplanatic silicate optics and work stand magnifier asph. Light lens, 8 D / 100x75 mm from SCHWEIZER Optik are work stand magnifiers with optimal image quality. They consist of silicate and plastic. The magnifying glasses are not illuminated and have a flexible metal gooseneck with a length of 300 mm, which allows flexible work at the table.

    Work magnifiers from ESCHENBACH

    ESCHENBACH magnifier lamps are classic work magnifiers with light. The ESCHENBACH varioLED series magnifier lamps have a choice between shadow-free LED ring lighting and segment lighting for better control of different surface structures. They are attached to the table with a table clamp and have an optimal swivel range of the magnifying glass head thanks to the gooseneck stand in combination with the two-axis lens suspension. The light output of the work magnifiers can be dimmed in three stages (40%, 60%, 100%).

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