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    Magnifying lamps are special work lamps with an integrated magnifying glass. They are needed above all when you are carrying out very filigree or fine-mechanical work. Examples are model making, dental technology or manicures. With the help of a magnifying lamp, you can concentrate and work with your hands free for a longer period of time. The magnifying lamps have a robust and flexible arm that can be pulled towards the object being viewed if necessary, making work easier.

    Magnifying lamps with energy-saving LEDs

    The magnifying lamps are operated with LEDs, which are characterized by their brightness, durability and energy efficiency. The brightness of the lamp and the degree of magnification are particularly important for very small objects. The magnification of the magnifying lamp determines how much the viewed object is magnified.

    Magnification power is given in dioptres. The diopter (dpt) describes the refractive index D (refractive power, vergence) of a lens as a unit. Converging lenses, such as magnifying glasses, have positive diopters, while diverging lenses have negative diopters. The higher a positive diopter number, the more magnified the lens. A magnification of 2 dioptres means a magnification of 150 percent. 4 diopters magnified 200 percent and 6 diopters magnified 250 percent.

    The ESCHENBACH magnifying glass lamps have a shadow-free ring illumination made of 84 durable high-performance LEDs and offer switching between ring illumination and segment illumination. The light output can be dimmed in three stages (40%, 60%, 100%).

    The SCHWEIZER LED table base magnifying lamp has 30 high-performance SMD LEDs and is available in 3 light temperatures.


    7 products
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