Bar magnifiers by SCHWEIZER

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    Bar magnifiers ensure relaxed reading. They are suitable as a reading aid, especially for long lines and for reading IT-lists.

    Reading with a bar magnifier is much more convenient than reading with a magnifying glass, as this only enlarges part of the entire text section and you always have to move the magnifying glass horizontally across the document to capture everything. You can simply move bar magnifiers from top to bottom and thus read horizontally without moving. Bar magnifiers can be placed on the document like a ruler and moved down line by line. This way you don't lose your orientation in the document. In addition, the lens enlarges the current line and ensures a distortion-free image. Bar magnifiers only enlarge in one direction, so letters and numbers are stretched in height, but the width remains unchanged. In this way, bar magnifiers support fatigue-free reading even over longer periods of time.

    Bar magnifiers from SCHWEIZER

    All bar magnifiers from SCHWEIZER are made of optically pure plastic, with recessed grips. The usable height varies in the different models (between 2 and 3.5 cm). If you are a fast reader, you are probably used to reading multiple lines at once. In this case, choose a greater usable height if possible, so that the bar magnifier leaves you the usual freedom.

    Tip: When buying bar magnifiers, we advise you to measure the line length of the books or magazines that you usually read. Then please choose a bar magnifier that still covers your widest reading object in its useful length. This way you avoid having to move the bar magnifier from left to right when reading.

    1 product
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