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    Hand magnifiers

    ​Hand magnifiers have a handle and are hand held when in use. They are also known as reading magnifiers or magnifying glasses. Hand magnifiers have a convex lens mounted in a handle mount that allows an object to be magnified.

    Hand magnifiers are very flexible and versatile. Depending on their size, they can also be easily transported, so that they can also be used on the go. Many details can be read well with it. Because you hold the magnifying glass at the desired distance over the object, you can read and view details in a comfortable position.

    In addition to conventional hand magnifiers, there are also illuminated hand magnifiers, which are particularly helpful in poor lighting conditions.

    Most hand magnifiers have a magnification of 2x (4 dioptres) to 10x (36 dioptres). A magnification of about 2x to 6x is called a magnifying glass. With a magnification beyond that, one speaks of a detail magnifier, which is mostly used in work and hobby.

    Hand magnifiers without light from SCHWEIZER Optik

    The hand magnifier Basic-Line CLASSSIC has a reading glass with a biconvex silicate lens.

    The ERGO-Style hand magnifier is a hand magnifier with aspheric lightweight lenses. It has an ergonomic shape.

    Illuminated hand magnifiers from SCHWEIZER Optik

    The hand magnifiers from SCHWEIZER Optik are available with LED light in the 3 light temperatures warm white - 2,700 K, neutral white - 4,500 K and cold white - 6,500 K. The lighting also relieves the eyes, as it illuminates the field of view well and allows for better recognition of details. Even in unfavorable lighting conditions, you can read or work with them very well.

    The illuminated hand magnifiers ERGO-Lux MP, ERGO-Lux MP mobil and Ökolux plus mobil are battery operated. They have 4-chip LEDs.

    The illuminated hand magnifier ERGO-Lux i mobil can be charged by induction.


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