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    At VisiAid you get SCHWEIZER low vision lamps in three light temperatures.

    Daylight white light

    Daylight white light roughly corresponds to daylight during midday. One speaks of daylight white light from a light temperature of 5,300 Kelvin upwards. This light not only has a positive effect on our well-being, but also promotes concentration. It is ideal for people with poor eyesight.

    Neutral white light

    A “factual” lighting is created with neutral white light. The light temperature is between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin. This light is very suitable for people with moderate to weak eyesight.

    Warm white light

    Warm white light resembles natural light during a sunset. This light is very suitable for people with medium vision.

    Light temperatures of the Low Vision lamps

    Good lighting is extremely important for both reading and working. Without a sufficiently bright light source, your eyesight and visual acuity will deteriorate. Seeing becomes tiring and exhausting and your eyes suffer. It is therefore particularly important not only to choose the right lamp, but also the right light color.

    Older people in particular need a little more light to be able to see well. For this reason, we recommend the use of daylight lamps for older people and people with visual impairments. They always provide a sufficient light source and also have a positive effect on well-being.

    For young and middle-aged people, low-vision luminaires with neutral white (4,500 Kelvin) or warm white light are sufficient.

    The Low Vision lamps from SCHWEIZER Optik are each available in three light temperatures. In addition, SCHWEIZER Optik also offers lamps that allow you to switch between the three light colors. The series of MULTILIGHT Pro lights includes a floor lamp, a floor lamp with an extended lamp arm, a table lamp, a table lamp with an extended lamp arm and a rechargeable table lamp.

    6 products
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