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    the Attachable magnifiers are placed directly on the written material and are good for long reading suitable. When reading with a magnifying glass, you can maintain the posture of your head and body that you are used to from reading without a magnifying glass. 

    Attachable magnifiers are placed directly on the reading material. They are very well suited for longer reading, since the distance to the reading material is always the same. You can also keep the head and body position when reading that you are used to when reading without a magnifying glass. You can also write under some attachment magnifiers. The magnifying glasses are available without light and with integrated lighting. By putting on the magnifying glass, it is also very suitable for hand tremors.

    Attachable magnifiers with and without lighting

    Bright field magnifiers, also known as visolet magnifiers or reading stones, are a special form of attachment magnifiers. This is a very thick lens or "stone" made of magnifying glass that is moved over the reading material to read it. The reading stone is one of the oldest optical devices and was probably used as early as the 11th century by Hasan ibn al-Haitham, an Islamic scientist and naturalist. At that time, the reading stones were mostly made of quartz or rock crystal, today they are made of acrylic or silicate glass.

    Due to the special shape of the magnifying glass, the light from the surroundings is captured, which ensures very good lighting during the enlargement. Children can often achieve high magnifications when approaching the magnifying glass. Elderly people should use reading glasses or magnifying glasses along with the bright field magnifier.

    We offer bright field magnifiers with and without a reading line made of acrylic glass as well as violet magnifiers - also as a segmented magnifier - made of silicate glass from SCHWEIZER Optik. We also carry the bright field magnifier menasZOOM from ESCHENBACH as well as the illuminated attachable magnifiers Makrolux and menasLUX with integrated SMD LED lighting, also from ESCHENBACH.

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