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    A monocular is a hand-held telescope that can be used to view objects that are both far away and close up. The special feature of a monocular is that you can only see through it with one eye and can therefore continue to keep an eye on the surroundings with the other eye.

    Monoculars preserve the mobility of people with visual impairments

    One can recognize and observe street signs, house numbers and other things with monoculars at a greater or medium distance. In addition, monoculars almost always have the option of focusing close to less than 1 meter. This close focus allows reading price tags behind shop windows, menus and timetables, for example.

    With the help of the close focus, the telescope becomes a telescope magnifier. Simply turn the monocular upside down to use it as a magnifying glass and twist or pull the tube out far. Most monoculars are telescopes with a plus lense for the eyepiece and the objective (Kepler telescope) and an image inverting prism.

    Monoculars can achieve 2x to 10x magnifications. However, the higher the magnification, the smaller the section that can be viewed. The magnification specification 6x16 means a sixfold magnification and a 16mm objective lens. Monoculars can be used as an attachment magnifier or as a handheld microscope with an acrylic glass stand with a lens attachment that is screwed or clamped to the lens. Monoculars are easy to use thanks to a finger ring or wrist strap and can also be used on the go. In our range we offer you high-quality monoculars from ZEISS, SCHWEIZER and ESCHENBACH.

    12 products
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