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    Illuminated stand magnifiers are stand magnifiers with an integrated LED light. They have built-in lighting that shines downwards in the frame, so that you can see the object well even in poor light conditions. They either have a stand or are attached to the edge of the table with a clamping screw.

    Illuminated magnifiers offer you the advantage that you have both hands free when viewing the object and you can use them to work on the viewed object. The standing illuminated magnifiers are suitable for reading and working at home. For people with poor eyesight, the good illumination reduces the need for magnification. Which light color is the right one is individual.

    Illuminated magnifiers by SCHWEIZER Optik

    The battery-powered illuminated magnifiers from SCHWEIZER Optik are each available in 3 different light colours. The loupes have low energy consumption and changing the battery is very easy thanks to the simple opening mechanism in the handle.

    The stand-up illuminated magnifier Ökolux Plus with 4-chip LED is suitable for right- and left-handers.

    The illuminated magnifier TWIN-Lux MP offers the world's largest field of view with a magnification of 4.4x. This large field of view supports reading flow and offers a lot of comfort.

    The illuminated magnifier MODULAR LED offers a uniform and high-contrast illumination and an improved flow.

    Illuminated magnifiers from ESCHENBACH

    The illuminated magnifier visolux+ from ESCHENBACH has a large field of view with 3x magnification and optimal illumination. The slightly inclined lens ensures a comfortable neck-friendly angled view.

    The Scribolux LED illuminated magnifier offers plenty of space for writing thanks to the large distance between the lens and the support surface and the open magnifying base. The illuminated magnifier can be easily guided on the reading material and offers a comfortable angled view.

    Both illuminated magnifiers from ESCHENBACH have an automatic switch-off after 30 minutes, which prevents the batteries from being discharged unintentionally.

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