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    Electronic magnifiers

    Electronic magnifiers are also known as e-magnifiers or digital magnifiers. They are light, compact and powerful. They can be used at home and on the go.

    Electronic magnifiers take up documents or other "small" things with a camera and show them enlarged on the built-in display. In addition, electronic magnifiers have a so-called snapshot function. This allows the user to save one or more photos and review and enlarge them at a later time.

    Advantages of electronic magnifiers

    ​​​​The main advantages of electronic magnifiers compared to conventional magnifiers is that the contrast can be increased with the help of different display modes and that the magnification can be individually adapted to the current needs of the visually impaired person. It is also possible to switch between positive and negative contrast. The binocular supply is guaranteed even with very high magnification.

    Electronic magnifiers are portable screen readers

    Electronic magnifiers have almost the same functionality as screen readers. They differ mainly in the much smaller size and handiness, so that they can be taken with you. In contrast to the screen reader, the electronic magnifier is moved over the reading material.

    Electronic magnifiers are powered by a rechargeable battery.

    High quality products

    We have had electronic magnifiers from SCHWEIZER, ESCHENBACH, Optelec, Reinecker and Humanware brands in our web shop for many years. Since then, we have had extremely good experiences and have only had to deal with a few problem cases. For us, this is a sign of excellent quality. For this reason we can recommend you to buy one of these magnifiers.


    22 products
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