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    Mobile illuminated magnifiers are handheld magnifiers with integrated lighting. They are particularly helpful in poor lighting conditions, e.g. when shopping in the supermarket to take a closer look at the items. Mobile illuminated magnifiers are ideal for reading on the go, but of course also at home for a quick read.

    The mobile illuminated magnifiers are small and handy and can easily be carried in the pocket. They are very flexible and can be used in a variety of ways, but are not suitable for long periods of work or reading, but rather for reading something briefly.

    Mobile illuminated magnifiers reduce the need for magnification

    With age, the eyesight deteriorates. A sixty-year-old, for example, needs up to 15 times more light to read than a ten-year-old. The integrated light in the mobile illuminated magnifier alone increases visual performance, so that the need for magnification is reduced.

    We recommend mobile illuminated magnifiers with LED lighting, which are available in 3 light colors. The higher the color temperature, the cooler the color impression of the white light. The color temperature that is most suitable for you varies from person to person. It is best to seek advice from an optician.

    The mobile illuminated magnifiers are battery-operated, but have low energy consumption thanks to the energy-efficient LED lights. We carry the high-quality mobile illuminated magnifiers from SCHWEIZER Optik. The mobile illuminated magnifiers from SCHWEIZER have an ergonomic design and are pleasant to the touch. We offer mobile illuminated magnifiers in different magnifications and in the 3 light temperatures warm white / 2,700 K, neutral white / 4,500 K and cold white / 6,500 K.

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